Slip Cup™

Fits into 16 and 18 ounce disposable cups!

Catches the ball, and prevents it from landing in your beverage!

Creates 40 Plus Brand-New Drinking Games!

Leaves enough space for 6, 10, 15 Cup Pong!

Comes in packs of 20! 

Ultra-Thin Rims

We made our rims as thin as possible!


Players want thin rims, so it doesn't affect their shot.  

We did that!

Catch Element

These catch elements allow the ball to pass through.

They don't allow it to then bounce out!

They catch every made shot!

The ball is easily removed from them! 

Slip Cup™ Numbers

These numbers create 40 plus new drinking games!

Each Slip Cup™ has a number at the bottom labeled '1-10'

We have created 40 plus AWESOME new games with them!

They can be easily read

They are engraved in the cup, so they never wash away!


When outside the cup put Slip Cup™ on its rim

Our rims are designed for this


Keeps the bottom of Slip Cup™ clean at all times!


How many times has your beverage spilled all over your floor?!


Slip Cup™ is centered-weighted to prevent this from happening!


Party Foul?

Stacking cups use to be a party foul.


Slip Cup™ is designed to be stacked into each other!

The beverage area will remain clean!

Enjoy your new found pong space!

Slip Cup™ Colors

Slip Cup™ comes in color packs of 20.

10 Blue & 10 Red.

These colors create NEW games!

Using unique racks & team play!

Slip Cup™ 3D Pong

Slip Cup™ makes 3D Pong fun and easy!

Stronger Slip Cups allow them to be stacked into each other while full!

This stacking feature takes the fun to new heights!

Family Run Business


International Patents-Pending