Stop Playing Pong Like This

We have all played our share of Dirty Pong.

There was no alternative other than water pong until now.

Slip Cup™ allows you to play Clean Pong without changing a single aspect to the original game!

Check the quotes below to see why you should play Clean Pong Today!


"The most dangerous part of playing pong might not be drinking too much. A group of Clemson University students tested pingpong balls being used in pong games across campus one weekend last fall and discovered teeming bacteria. More research found that dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, e. Coli and staph on the balls end up in the beverage when players make successful tosses into glasses."

"Saturday night: You’re at a frat party. You just won three consecutive games of pong. You don’t think twice about drinking your cups, despite the fact that you’ve seen the ball land in other peoples’ used cups, roll along the basement floor, and watched the ball pass between thirty-something unwashed hands. Some microbiology students at George Washington University decided to test exactly how detrimental to your health pong can be.  After a somewhat mild night of pong, consisting of eight students and thirty beverages, the budding scientists collected samples from each of the pong cups and the water cup. What’d they find? A haven for germs. Bacteria from the E. Coli, salmonella, and pneumonia families were present in every single test tube containing samples from the game. Oh, and that water cup that everyone used to clean the balls? That was the most infected, and housed the most bacteria growth over night."